20 Usually Overlooked Real Estate Business Ideas

A real estate business is a real remunerative income stream. There are a number of case studies that prove that it gives you the highest return on investment at the lowest time span. The real estate economy of India is at its peak now and growing rapidly day by day. It’s the high time to try your hands in this industry and make an impact. If you are creative in the matter of making business and always looking for doing things differently then we have got your back. Here are the 20 merely touched real estate business niches that you can choose for yourself.

  1. Real Estate TV Show

In India, there are not many real estate TV shows that are area specific. You can start a TV show around the commercial or residential property in Noida extension, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, or any other cities.

  1. Real Estate Radio Talk Show

Just like the lack of real estate TV shows in India, lack of real estate talk shows is also an opportunity for the aspiring entrepreneurs here. Host a real estate talk show with industry experts around the topics of commercial or residential flats in Noida extension, Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or anywhere.

  1. Pre-Post Construction Cleaning

This is also a profitable real estate business niche and if you are into cleaning business then it’s an added advantage. You can take the charge of cleaning a construction site before the construction starts or after the construction completes and make money.

  1. Property Makeover

Property makeover service is always in demand especially when it comes to property reselling. Property stagers usually do a property makeover job to increase the value of the property before staging. You can start a business around this need specifically.

  1. Wall Papers Fixing

Wallpapers are used in a home for decoration purpose. If you are good at designing and aware of the technologies then you can start a wallpaper fixing business. You need to market your service well to achieve the desired success.

  1. Virtual Office Rental

A virtual office is a co-working space for people who don’t have their own office. This is really cost effective as one shares the space as well as the rent too. This concept is trending among entrepreneurs for a time now and you can start your business around this trend.

  1. Roof Restoration And Maintenance

A roof is one of the main parts of a home and it needs to be kept well. Due to the ever-changing climate condition, the roofs get affected a lot. There comes the part of roof maintenance service which is a profitable niche.

  1. Security And Safety Gadgets Installation

The security of a home is an important point to consider. The more you secure your home. The more your family will be secured. This can be a profitable business if you are knowledgeable about the security devices like video door lock, biometric device, CCTV camera and all.

  1. Swimming Pool Construction And Maintenance

Many of the villas and apartments are being built with personal swimming pool nowadays. This is a profitable micro niche and if you start a swimming pool construction business then it will be comparatively easy for you to chuck out your competitors.

  1. Locksmith Business

A locksmith business is a less competitive but profitable business which has Government exposure. You need to be a trained locksmith and complete your apprenticeship before getting the license.

  1. Rent Or Lease Warehouse

A warehouse is needed by most of the businesses out there who are dealing with physical products. They need to store their products and if you can manage to build a warehouse at a transportation-rich place then you can lease or rent it in exchange for a hefty amount.

  1. Rent Or Lease Land

If you have land or manage to buy a land then you can start a business of leasing or rent it to the people in need. You need to market it to let the people know that you have what they are looking for.

  1. Real Estate Inspection

You can become a real estate inspector who inspects the condition of the land before a deal is made. Your ideal customers will be insurance companies, builders or developers, and homebuyers.

  1. Rent Halls

If you own a land, you can build a hall on it, or you can buy a hall itself to start this business. You can rent or lease the hall for several purposes.

  1. Parking Lot Cleaning Service

Almost all residential and commercial complexes have a parking lot with it. Every parking lot needs to be cleaned and well maintained. You can start your business around it and provide parking lot cleaning services to its owners.

  1. Mortgage Brokerage Firm

If you have the infrastructure then you can start a quite profitable business which is setting up a mortgage brokerage firm. You can further niche it down by providing short-term only or long-term only loans to the aspiring homebuyers.

  1. Electrical Wiring Business

Electrical wiring is a profitable business if you have enough knowledge about it. Although, you don’t need to be an electrician but need to have enough knowledge of the industry to understand your customers’ needs and supervise the electricians you would hire.

  1. Furniture Polishing Business

Furniture polishing is an easy to start real estate business if you have related knowledge. You can hire furniture polishers and grab contracts from the market. This business has a great scope if you can extend it from offline to online.

  1. Floor Cleaning And Stain Removing

The need for floor cleaning and stain removing service is increasing day by day. People are busy nowadays and they don’t get time to clean and remove the stain on their own. So, coming up with a similar service can be really profitable.

  1. Windows Cleaning And Restoration

This one is also a profitable business idea and needs great effort to achieve the success. It can be a bit competitive but you can definitely leave your competition behind you if you are hardworking and determined.

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