4 Things Every Aspiring Data Scientist Should Know

Data science is an amazing, fast-moving career field to become involved in. There’s no dearth of demand for capable, analytically-minded individuals. Organizations of all sizes are looking for talented data scientists, and the role offers real value across an extensive range of industries and applications.

Here’s an overview of some of the essential skills that any aspiring data scientist should master.

  1. Learn statistics: If you don’t have good knowledge of statistics, now is a good time to start. You won’t go far as a data scientist without a sound understanding of statistical concepts. Although it is gets complicated at some point but for now, begin with the fundamental stuff and keep building on that. Probabilities are that it’s not as difficult as you think it is.
  2. Learn to Program: It is quite easy to consider programming as a rocket science particularly when you don’t have a technical academic background but it really isn’t. There are numerous courses and blogs that make it extremely easy to begin. Don’t try to churn out super cool stuff like R and Python from the first day; it will never happen. But if you stay consistent, someday it will.

Online data science bootcamp can prove to be extremely useful in starting your journey in the field of data science.

  1. Study and Practice: You need to dedicate quality time to studying and practicing data science. You can begin with simple stuff and build up on that. Just ensure you spend proper time studying and practicing preferably daily. The field is extremely wide and technical so there are some areas you need to study over and over again. Keep in mind your study is incomplete without practice. Take it as an iterative process. When you practice, more queries come up and then you are forced to read again. You would certainly learn a lot by studying and DOING. Remember that data science is an applied field.
  2. Stay Hungry and Curious: As a data scientist, you always need to stay inquisitive and hungry to learn. In data science, there are numerous concepts to learn and there are new ones coming around every day. You need to keep yourself up-to-date of changes and trends. Read articles, journals, books and deconstruct codes just ensure your hunger never dies out.