Debunking the Most Common Air Conditioning Myths

It is undeniably true that people are often looking for smart ways to use the energy more efficiently with the intent of saving money on their monthly electricity bill and minimizing their carbon footprint. But along the way, there are certain ideas that have emerged about how people think they should use the air conditioner, versus how an AC actually works. These are some of the most common myths many us fall susceptible to.

Setting your air conditioner to the lowest temperature will cool the room faster

With the exception of inverter split air conditioners, traditional AC units can only turn the compressor ‘on’ or ‘off’. So, whether you set the temperature at 24°C or 18°C, your AC unit won’t work any faster to reach the lower temperature. You might know that in a lower set-point temperature, the air conditioner consumes more energy – and if you forget to re-adjust it, the AC unit will overcool and be less efficient.

Keeping your AC unit on throughout the day will save more energy than turning it on/off

It is generally seen that many people think it is more effective to keep your AC on the whole day, even when no one is present in the room. Your AC unit will consume less power when turned off, in spite of running all day, even at a higher temperature. The truth is that it is more efficient to keep your AC turned off when it is not required. Your AC unit will run more efficiently when operating at full speed for a shorter duration than running it at a constant temperature for the whole day.

Unless there is a problem, there is no need to regularly check your AC unit

As long as your air conditioner is working fine and circulating cool air within your home, it may be easy to forget that the unit requires routine maintenance. Always remember to periodically clean the AC and filters to ascertain optimal performance. You might know that the difference in energy consumption between a clean filter and a dirty one can be up to ~5%. Thus, you should ensure to be on top of things!

If you also know some other air conditioning myths that are quite prevalent among the people, but need to be debunked, you can share with us in the comments below. In our next post, we will bust some more myths. For the time being, keep visiting our site. Thanks for your time!